Fitness exercise elbow support

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    Fitness exercise elbow support

    单价  为了 

    Rimula support 1pcs elastic compression nylon basketball elbow support volleyball bandage elbow support checked
    Color: black, green, orange
    Material: Spandex, polyester, nylon
    Size: One size
    Application: Pain and discomfort in the elbow, minor bruises/sprains, arthritis.
    1. Provide a comfortable fit, reduce joint heat, relieve pain from chronic elbow joint diseases, and improve blood circulation.
    2. Improved the four-sided elastic knitting process, which more effectively improves the tolerance of the elbow.
    3. Keep the elbow warm and relieve the pain of chronic arthritis.
    4. Suitable for all kinds of fitness. Like: basketball, volleyball, tennis
    Elbow fatigue and pain are relieved by our compression and elbow support.
    Suitable for most people.
    This keeps your body comfortable and better understand your activities in various sports activities.